Mohi Rezvani PhD, MCPP, FRSB


Swiss Bioscience is a Swiss biotech company located in the BIO-TECHNOPARK Schlieren Zurich.  The BIO-TECHNOPARK has 40 member organizations i.e. life science companies, the University Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich with almost 20 clinics, institutes and research groups.   Our goal is to pursue research and development in the domain of stem cells and create new stem cell-derived therapies for human medical use in the fields of regenerative medicine.



The founder and chief scientist Mohi Rezvani PhD, MCPP, FRSB is a Reader Emeritus at the University of Oxford.  He started his research in the field of medical sciences over 30 years ago as a radiobiologist. Dr. Rezvani studied the treatment of side effects of radiotherapy in cancer treatment and radiation accidents and employed stem cells as a treatment modality. He is a pioneer in identifying microvesicles as key players in tissue regeneration by stem cells.