Specialize in producing pharmaceutical quality grade stems cells under cGMP conditions
Swiss Bioscience GmbH (SBS) Manufactures and Banks Stem Cells for Individuals and Provides Pharmaceutical Grade SVF* and hADSCs** Produced under cGMP*** Conditions.
* Stromal Vascular Fraction extracted from human lipoaspirate
** Human Adipose Tissue Derived Stem Cells.
*** Current Good Manufacturing Practice
To improve and extend lives of people by developing
cell-based treatments for regenerative medicine application.

Swiss Bioscience GmbH (SBS) was established in 2014 in Switzerland and is specialized in producing pharmaceutical quality grade stems cells under cGMP* conditions. The cells are isolated from human adipose tissue to produce stromal vascular fraction (SVF) which is then purified and expanded to produce human adipose tissue derived stem cells (hADSCs).

The hADSC and SVF provided by SBS may only be used as a transplant product within the framework of a valid marketing authorization or within the framework of controlled clinical trials.

SBS pursues research and development in the domain of stem cells, create new cell therapy based modalities for human medical use. SBS’ research program is based on utilisation of the paracrine effect of stem cells and is aimed at developing therapeutics from extracellular vesicles extracted from stem cells.

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About Stem Cells
Remarkable tool in generative medicine and generation of damaged issues

Most tissues and organ systems of the body have a resident pool of tissue-specific stem cells that are stimulated and mobilised in response to trauma or disease. However, in many cases either the quantity of mobilised stem cells is not sufficient or time to mobilisation is too long. As a result the endogenous stem cells fail to regenerate injured or diseased tissues.

Application of stem cells offers a remarkable tool in regenerative medicine and has potential in regeneration of damaged tissues. Transplantation of autologous stem cells constitute a remarkable supportive tool in regenerative medicine without rejection risk or immunogenic reactions.

Our Approach
Focus on hADSCs advantages
(GMP Clinical grade cells, non-tumor inducing in comparison to pluripotent stem cells, easily isolated, Can differentiate in other related cell types)
  • SBS isolates, purifies and expands your stem cells under cGMP condition.
  • SBS manufactures pharmaceutical grade cells and cryopreserves both SVF and purified hADSCs.
  • Your cells can be expanded further anytime needed without a need for another liposuction.
  • SBS checks your cells for their functionality including the viability and differentiation capability.
  • Should you start using your stem cells SBS will produce further cells to replenish your banked cells.
Application of SVF and hADSCs
Stem cells are at the centre of Regenerative Medicine; a branch of medicine that deals with the process of replacing or regenerating damaged human cells, tissues or organs to restore their normal and healthy function. Stem cell transplantation is applicable to the treatment of the diseases and tissue injuries caused by cell deficiency and disorders of cell differentiation that may result from lack of appropriate cells or impaired cellular function.

Among many types of stem cells adipose tissue-derived stem cells (hADSCs) are one of the most potent stem cells that has been extensively researched. A number of clinical trials are currently being carried out to establish treatments of human ailments using hADSCs. Currently very few stem cell treatments have been approved. However, application of SVF isolated from human lipoaspirates or expanded hADSCs have been and are being studied for many conditions